Reasons to buy local in Lowestoft
28th May 2013
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Buying local in Lowestoft could have a huge impact on the local community and economy.  Consider the impact of your spending and how this can effect Lowestoft.  

Here are some reasons why you should be buying local:

  • Small businesses, each selecting and producing products based on the needs and desires of their local customers rather than national needs are more likely to make appropriate choices on products to stock.
  • Local businesses are more likely to contribute to community groups.

  • Locally owned businesses are more likely to make local purchases, meaning less transportation, which in turn reduces the environmental impact.

  • Local businesses are likely to employ local staff who are more likely to get to know the products and customers and of course keep local people employed.

  • The more money in the local economy, the more prosperous the area will become, this produces the knock-on effect of greater employment and more services.

  • At a time when goods are standardised, it is important to embrace local businesses with the unique stock they carry and their local based varieties.

  • Buying goods locally keeps your money circulating in your community.  Approximately 90% of money spent locally stays local.  Getting to know local business owners builds relationships based on understanding and trust, this in turn builds strong communities.

I hope this makes you think about how your purchases can effect the local area and consider buying local in the future.  If you wish to pledge to buy local with our campaign please click HERE to register your support.

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