Paranormal Research in Lowestoft
25th July 2013
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The Mincarlo is the last surviving Sidewinder fishing trawler of the Lowestoft fishing fleet.

On Saturday 13th July 2013 between 5pm - midnight, the Paranormal Research Society of Lowestoft team carried out an investigation on the decommissioned fishing trawler Mincarlo.  

The Mincarlo is based in Lowestoft docks near bascule bridge.  The team used CCTV, electromagnetic radiation meters, temperature guages, camcorders, digital sound recorders and trigger objects throughout the length and breadth of the boat.

Particular attention was paid to the wheelhouse, the engine room and the crews quarters since these would have been places the crew would have spent most of their time.  

Having to consider health and safety, all lights remained on throughout the investigation.  To counteract the possible contamination of any electromagnetic field fluctuations, a baseline study was carried out prior to the investigation and the only areas picked up were the lighting and parts of the engine room. All of this was documented and all team members were made aware.

Several attempts were made to make contact with any spirits but no apparent paranormal activity was forthcoming on the night.  It was discovered a few days later that a couple of anomalies were picked up on the footage which remain unexplained at this time and will warrant further investigation.

This Lowestoft vessel is on display at Lowestoft Yacht Harbour, sometimes moved to the Heritage Quay in Gt. Yarmouth.  Admission is FREE.

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