Olympic Torch Relay comes to Lowestoft
19th March 2012
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On 5th July Lowestoft will welcome the Olympic Torch as the relay wends its way towards its final destination in London.

The Olympic Torch will only be in Lowestoft for about an hour before heading south down the A12 to Wrentham, Southwold and beyond.

This is your chance to get close to this once in a lifetime event and be a part of history.

So, here's the route the Olympic Torch relay will be taking through Lowestoft.

Staring near Weston Road on the A12 Yarmouth Road at around 1000 hours it heads off to the High Street, Rant Score, Whapload Road, Wilde Street, Gas Works Road, Ness Point, Coastal Lane, Orbis Energy Centre Lane, Wilde Street, Newcombe Road, Hamilton Road, Whapload Road, A12 Old Nelson Street, London Road North (heading south), A12 Denmark Road, Station Square, Pier Terrace, A12 Belvedere Road probably finishing somewhere near ASDA.

The Olympic Torch is due to leave Lowestoft at around 1100hrs.

Go on, bung the date in your diary. It's already in my diary... well it ought to be - it's mine and the present Mrs C's wedding anniversary!

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