New Travel Agency 'Fly on the Wall' Documentary
5th March 2012
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Good Luck to the agency who is brave enough to do this reality show!! For likes of you and me, it would be fab to watch, however I doubt it would do the agency much justice for customers to see how much staff are pressured to sell certain Operators and holiday extras such as insurance, car parking ect.., despite if its best for the customer or not, if it means they will get closer to target and earn a good incentive..the clients needs are not always taken in to consideration...I'd happily have a fly on the wall any day for you all to see what my days are like here at Donna Bidwell, Travel Counsellor Lowestoft...I love what I do, I treat my customers with only their best interests at heart and I have no one drilling into me "why didn't you sell Insurance, or car parking" ect.. I have no targets and I am as free as a bird to find my customers what I think is suitable and perfect for them...and thats exactly how a travel agent should be!! Ohhhh I cant wait for see which agency actually does this new show...exciting for us lot! Hehe

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