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7th February 2012
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Just to give you an idea of a typical day for me as a Travel Counsellor in Lowestoft... By 11am this morning I had done the following enquiries:

A honeymoon to St Lucia

A Best of Western Canada rail holiday

A hen do for 15 people to Brighton and managed to arrange cocktail making session for them all too.

A hotel for 1 night in Pisa

By the end of the day I had then worked on a wedding in Florida and a wedding in Italy.

A Honeymoon in New Caladonia, wiht great difficulty but I can do it so thats the main thing!

A ski holiday in a catered private chalet for 18 adults and a summer holiday for the same customers.

What a productive day!

Now if I was working in a High Street travel agency in Lowestoft, only one of those would have got completed by 11am, as time would have been wasted with giving out brochures to customers that never come back to book and talking to colleagues about what they did the night before...What a bonus for me and my customers that I work from home! Its all about the service and its such a shame that some High Street travel agents still just don't get that..oh well..good for me though.

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