Lowestoft Seafront Air Festival is a success
21st August 2011
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The Lowestoft Journal reports that £115,974 was received in donations at this years Lowestoft Seafront Air Festival from a total of 384,000 visitors.

This is great news for the organisers as the future of this fabulous spectacle often appears to hang in the balance.

The minimum suggested donation was raised by £1 to £3 in an effort to raise more money and thereby ensure that we can continue to host some of the world's very best aircraft and pilots.

So, with less than a month for the organisers to decide on whether to go ahead in 2012 I, for one, truly hope they feel its worth staging all over again.

What they need is a way to part visitors from their cash either prior to the airshow or over the two day event.

Just a thought here... Might be worth taking a look at www.peel2save.co.uk and see if that could make a difference...


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