Lowestoft Scores Race 2012
14th September 2012
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This Sunday sees the 17th running of the Lowestoft Scores Race as around 200 hardy runners make their way up and down Lowestoft's historic Scores.

The course sees the runners going up and down 13 sets of pretty steep, stepped hills as they make their way around the 4.75 mile course.

The Lowestoft Scores Race attracts runners from far and wide to what is a very unusual type of running event.

For such a flat part of the country the Lowestoft Scores Race dishes out some rather tough ascents and some equally perilous descents!

The race starts at 2pm this Sunday (16th September) - so head down to Lowestoft High Street to watch this unique race and feel some of the pain as you see the runners slogging their way up the  Scores!

Good luck to all the runners...


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