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6th February 2014
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Be it an up do a cut and blow dry or a complete new look, here in Lowestoft we are fortunate to have some of the best hairdressers in the area.  Whether you are in north Lowestoft, South Lowestoft or Oulton Broad, there is a salon recommended on The Best of Lowestoft that can cater for all your hairdressing needs.

Are you going out for a special meal this Valentines Day?  It's amazing how good you can feel after having your hair done at a professional salon and when you feel good, you look good.  Feeling good will make you stand proud and your loved one might even see a change in you, an attractive change, not only by the way you look, with your amazing new hair do but by your whole persona, which comes from the inside when you feel that bit better about yourself.

We all try to style our hair when we are going out on a special evening but it can be difficult to replicate that salon look and stressful.  How many of you have thought about getting loose bouncy curls only to find yourself pulling your hair out (literally) with curlers or burning yourself on the straightening irons.  Why does it always look effortless when the hairdresser is gliding the straighteners through your hair, getting a beautiful loose curl and when we try it, a complete disaster. Why? Because they are professionals and they are trained to do it and that is why for that special treat or a night out when you want to feel your best, go to the hairdressers, please go to the hairdressers for your own sanity!

Anyway, I hope you all have a great valentines day and with the help of some great local hairdressers you WILL look amazing.

For a list of recommended Lowestoft hairdressers please click here

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