Keeping Pets Calm on Bonfire Night
2nd November 2012
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For some of us Bonfire night is an exciting time of year, the BANG, WHOOSH and CRACKLE noises of fireworks being let off.  But if you are a pet owner it could be the worse night of the year.  Here at thebestof Lowestoft we try to offer tips for calming pets on bonfire night.

For dog owners, Bonfire night can be quite an ordeal, so plan ahead for a stress free night for you and the dog.

Take the dog for a nice long walk before it gets dark, if the dog is tired it will be less likely to fret at the noise of fireworks.

You could try feeding your dog a high carbohydrate meal, which is supposed to make them sleepier (this is a good tip generally as this also works for humans too, so try some pasta for tea if you are a bit of an insomniac).

Shut the windows to ensure less noise and the curtains so your dog cannot see any fireworks.

Make a den, 2 chairs and a blanket thrown over the top or a cosy corner with lots of blankets to huddle up in, give your dog treats for staying in the den so it associates the den with nice things, ideally start this before bonfire night.

Don't make more of a fuss of them or you will inadvertently reinforce your dog's fear. Your dog looks at your behaviour, so if you start giving lots of cuddles, the dog will think it's because you are scared too.

Make sure your dog is tagged, just in case it escapes and keep water topped up as an anxious dog can get thirstier.

And of course don't forget other pets, if your pets live outside (rabbits, ginuea pigs and birds) make sure cages, pens and aviaries are partially covered with covers or blankets, so that one area is sound-proofed and the open part allows them to still see out. Also give them plenty of extra hay and bedding to burrow and snuggle up in.

Hopefully with some of these suggestions, your evening with your pets will be less stressful. 




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