I'm still here, just been very busy!
5th September 2011
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Hi All

It has been a few weeks since my last blog. I have just been extremely busy with bookings and enquiries. All which have been from people who have been recommended to me, which is great!

Over the last few weeks I have booked several group weddings of 20+ guests ranging from St Lucia, Antigua and Sri Lanka. Lots of honeymoons, again these have been mainly Caribbean and a lovely one to Masai Mara and stay in Kenya. I love taking care of my special occassion customers as I do extra special things that no other High Street agent would even bother to do.

I know I give the extra mile service with all of my customers and that's why I love doing what I do. It makes such a difference and again this kind of service is now lost in majority of High Street agents. That's the great thing of working from home, that I am contactable not just day time but evenings too.

Another reason why my blogs have been lacking is...it's been school holidays! And although it has been lovely having time with my children, I will be pleased when my 3 year old is back at Lingwood nursery this week. She does 3 full days and I love having those days to get on with work. My youngest of 18 months, is good as gold and I have my mother help with her too, thank God for grandparents. All of my customers know I have children and if they call on an evening they will often ask me if they are in bed or what they are up to, bless them. When I deliver tickets to my customers they will often ask if I would like to pop round with the children. I never will impose with my daughters though. Some customers like me to pop round for coffee and cake and others are happy for me to just put tickets through the door or deliver them.

I baked a lovely cake with some bramley apples that a customers gave me, and of course I took some of my achievemnets round for them. The gentleman used to be head chef years ago and he said it was the nicest apple cake he had ever had... Now that was a compliment!

I have also been on a little holiday that my husband treated me to, with my friends. All of our husbands treated us all to go, which was lovely...and maybe telling us something. While we were sunning ourselves and living it up in Majorca for 3 nights, our other halfs were playing golf each day. Now that's why they all treated us! You men can be crafty... but all good for us... we had a fab time!

Now I actually love golf and have had lessons years ago and have played at a few courses while on holidays. We used to also go to Dubai just for the Dubai Desert Classic. That's a great event to attend for all you golfers.

Anyway I am now starting to gabble on, and have had some enquiries over night that I need to make a start on.

Just wanted to explain why my blogs have been sparse and that I am still here, being a busy bee with not enough hours in the day.

Hope you are all nice and busy too in which ever business you are in.

All the best,














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