Help hosting a Halloween Party in Lowestoft
25th October 2012
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Hosting a Halloween party can be easy with a little bit of planning.

Having a list of prepared games on hand will stop children just running a riot throughout your home.  Here are just a few suggestions;

Traditional Apple Bobbing: Put as many apples as there are people in a washing up bowl, put the bowl on several towels add water and get bobbing.  Don't forget extra towels to mop up faces and spills.

Guess the Ghost: Put some Halloween music on and take it in turns for each child to be 'it', they are blindfolded and walk around the circle, touching the other children's heads. When the music stops, the child that the person who is 'it' has their hands on must let out a ghostly wail. The person who is 'it' must try and guess who it is. If they guess correctly they swap around. If they do not guess correctly they go around the circle again.

Brain Digging: Get the children to dig in amongst some bits of 'brain' to find a trick or treat! Cook up a big pan of spaghetti, leave to cool and then turn into a big bowl. In amongst the pasta hide some ping-pong balls or similar. Three balls have 'treat' written on them, and three have 'trick' written on them. Each child gets a turn to dig inside the 'brains' and pull out a ball. If they choose a trick ball they have to do a forfeit (something silly, like run around the garden twice, or do a silly impression), but if they pick a treat they get a prize, such as a small bag of sweets.

After having all that fun the children will want to eat so here are some ideas of Halloween style food;

Witches Fingers: Cook some chicken or fish goujons and stick a 'finger nail' (a piece of flaked almond) on to the end of each goujon using a little bit of cream cheese.

Alternatively cut pizza into finger shapes and add a slice of pepper on the end for finger nails.

Or for a quick and simple idea roll slices of ham and add a flaked almond finger nail. Gruesomely good!

Eyeball Eggs: Scoop the yolks out of the eggs and put into a bowl. Mash the yolks and add some cream cheese. Fill the centre of the egg whites with the yolk/cheese mixture and add an olive for the eyeball. If you have enough time put some ketchup in a bowl and use a cocktail stick to draw lines on the whites to make them look bloodshot.

For a quicker and easier idea cut boiled eggs in half and add a halved olive in the centre for the eyeball and use red food colouring to make the bloodshot veins!

Game and food ideas from netmums - click on the link below to see these and more great party games and food.

I hope that gives the people of Lowestoft some inspiration to host their own Halloween party for the children.

By Sarah Butcher

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