Give Sprouts a Chance!
30th November 2011
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I actually quite like my sprouts.

There, I've said it!

But for many people these little green timebombs are not their festive favourites...

It really is a myth that the sprouts need to be on and boiling by 8am on Christmas morning. Do this and you'll lose all the goodness not to mention the taste...

And don't cut that little cross in the base of each sprout. That was meant to let the hot water in and help to cook the sprout from inside out. While it does do that it also starts a bit of a chemical reaction which results in that horrible bitter taste that's been putting you off our little green friends since the days of school dinners!

So, no cross. Just get a pan full of water and bring it to the boil, add salt to taste and pop your sprouts in. Depending on their size you shouldn't need to boil them for morew than 10 minutes. And the bonus there is that you aren't hogging one ring on the hob for 5 hours while you boil the guts out of your sprouts...

I'll post again soon with some recipes that will blow you away (what else would you expect with sprouts!)

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