Furry Friendly Firework Facts!
24th October 2011
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The prospect of huddling around a blazing bonfire, supping hot soup and watching a breathtaking firework display sounds great to most people, but I for one will be staying indoors trying to pacify my 4 year old labrador, Monty who particularly hates the fireworks that make the loud whooshy noise!! It wouldn't be quite so bad if was just for one night but more recently the celebrations seem to span over a week or more.

So, what can we do to make our pet's lives (and ours) a little less stressful? Well read on to get a few hints and tips:

Keeping Cats and Dogs Secure 

  • Make sure your pet always has a retreat to hide in, whether it's a safe corner of the room, under furniture or in a cupboard.
  • Walk dogs during daylight hours and keep all animals indoors at the time when fireworks are likely to be let off.
  • At nightfall close all curtains and blinds and put on the TV or play some music to mask the sound of the fireworks
  • Never punish your pet if it is scared but try to ignore them. By consoling and making a fuss of them they will continue to fret as they think you are rewarding them.
  • Make sure your cat or dog is kept in a safe invironment and can't escape if they hear a sudden noise.

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead can help your dog to cope with the firework season. Ask your vet about pheromone diffusers which disperse calming chemicals into the room. You need to start using these about a month before bonfire night. The same goes if your vet prescibes any medication - it will need to be administered well in advance.

Don't forget smaller animals

If your pets live outside (rabbits, ginuea pigs and birds) make sure cages, pens and aviaries are partly covered with blankets so that one area is sound-proofed whilst still allowing them to see out. It's also an idea to give them plenty of extra bedding to burrow themselves in.

And finally.... have a very happy but, most importantly, a SAFE bonfire night and spare a thought for Monty and me!!!!!!!!


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