Flying The Flag in Kirkley
20th June 2012
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The Kirkley Shopping District in Lowestoft has certainly gone all out to show their patriotism in this Great British Summer celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, The 2012 Olympics, Euro Football and Wimbledon.

Nowhere else in Lowestoft are we treated to such a stunning display of Union Jacks, a sea of bunting, and glorious hanging flower baskets in red, white and blue. It's great to see local businesses pulling together like this and showing a united front.

Andrew McMeekin of Robert Owen Haircutters has been one of the masterminds behind this fantastic display. Not only has he rallied around all the other Kirkley businesses to get them involved, but he has also been spotted up a ladder actually hanging the baskets himself (and this is all on top of running a successful business!). And, you'd be mistaken in thinking that this has been funded by the local council.... it's all been financed through the Kirkley businesses concerned

Well done Kirkley Business Association... you are a credit not only to Lowestoft but your country too! 

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