Exam results from Lowestoft schools and colleges, what will you do next?
30th August 2012
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This month the anticipation has been building.  Lowestoft schools and colleges are finally handing over one of the most important envelopes of your life!

Whether you have received your A Level results or are waiting for GCSE results, the question everyone asks is "what are you going to do next?". And when someone tells you that 'this is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make', the pressure is well and truly on.!

So, what if I you don't get the results you need? Firstly, don't panic, there are always alternatives, whether you gain the results you wanted or not, there are options.

If you want to continue in full-time education after the age of 16, here in Lowestoft we have Lowesoft Sixth Form College, which has taken over from the old Lowestoft sixth form consortium, which used to run throughout the town's high schools. Alternatively Lowestoft College, offering a wide range of courses to school leavers, a good choice to help you prepare and progress for a specific career. These courses give you a real insight into your chosen career path. Lowestoft College have also taken over the shop at the entrance to the Britten Centre (opposite WHSmith's), pop in for a chat to talk about your options.

Those who have just completed A Levels or College courses and wish to continue in full time education, can also apply for further education courses at Lowestoft College. Otherwise Universityis likely to be the next stepIf you applied to university and didn't get the grades you needed to take up the place, still contact the university to see if they will still accept you. If not, there may be last minute university places which can be applied for through 'clearing'. Check the UCAS website for a list of courses available through clearing.

If full time education is no longer for you, Jobs and Careers is the next step. If you are wanting to apply for a job firstly, get your CV typed and printed up. If you are unsure on how to lay this out, or what information to include, look online for cv help, ask a friend to help, or you can get cv's professionally typed and printed up.

Whatever you choose to do, try not to worry. If you change your mind, all of these options are always going to be available and it does't matter if the path to your chosen career is not a straight line. Many people take detours and career changes throughout their lives....that's life!


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