Carlton Colville gets town status
21st August 2011
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I was surprised to learn that Carlton Colville has now been officially granted town status.

The Parish Council made representations to the Suffolk Association of Local Councils and, after a meeting of the Parish Council on 1st August, transformed into Carlton Colville Town Council.

Many people over a certain age (?!) will remember Carlton Colville as a very distinct and separate village, set apart from Lowestoft. But over the past two decades or more we have gradually seen this gap diminish to such an extent that the boundary exists purely on a map. There used to be open country between the two but this has long since been swallowed up by the every expanding housing developments.

To anyone who is as surprised as me about Carlton Colville's new status, think about this... We all know that Southwold is a town - we don't question that. So why not Carlton Colville? Especially when you find out that Southwold has just over 1000 on its electoral role and Carlton Colville has a whopping 6200...

Well done Carlton Colville!

And to reflect this new found status we'd love to hear from the really great businesses in the area. To find out more about how we showcase the very best businesses in both Lowestoft and Carlton Colville take a look around this website and then head over to

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