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25th April 2012
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The spotlight is being turned on supporting local businesses from a number of sources including Mary Portas and her High Street Review, Waveney District Council, the Chamber of Commerce, the various business associations.

And we're doing our bit by launching our Buy Local Campaign 2012.

We've got plenty of truly great businesses in Lowestoft, all doing their very best to recover from the recession and it's time for everyone in Lowestoft to get behind them and Buy Local.

In very simple terms it's 'use it or lose it'!

And thebestof Lowestoft is about encouraging and supporting local businesses and local independent retailers.

The Federation of Small Businesses has some shocking statistics that reveal over 2000 local shops closing down every year, that supermarkets take 70% of all money spent on the High Street and that more than 20 pubs close every week... That really isn't good.

We should all be doing our bit to support Lowestoft businesses.

The Buy Local Lowestoft campaign will

  • provide 'Buy Local' stickers to display in shop windows, vans and cars
  • provide a platform for you to recommend Lowestoft businesses that you've had a good experience of. We can then use that information to increase awareness of these fantastic local businesses
  • Use Twitter and Facebook to promote Buy Local Lowestoft. In tweets we'll start using the hashtag #buylocallowestoft and we'd be chuffed if you did too!
  • We'll use Facebook to talk about businesses displaying a Buy Local sticker

I think it's safe to say that none of want to lose our local shops and businesses.

We know that supporting these businesses is absolutely vital to their continuing survival. And yet it's all too easy to head to a superstore and get all the shopping in one hit.

Do we do this because there's something missing from our High Street? What shops and businesses would you like to see in town? Mary Portas has suggested bringing in businesses that traditionally stay away from town centres like gyms and fitness centres - this would keep people in the town centre and then they'd use other nearby businesses and shops.

 Let us know what you think?

It's only by talking about these issues and then bringing them to the attention of Waveney District Council, Peter Aldous MP and other influential parties that things will ever change.

So, if you run a Lowestoft business you can help us to help you...

  • Display a 'Buy Local' sticker in your shop or office window or in your car or van
  • Tweet using the hashtag #buylocallowestoft
  • Talk about Buy Local to your customers and other businesess

It's no good us expecting the Government or anyone else to ride to the rescue of local shops and businesses.

It's up to us, all of us, to show our support for local businesses...

You can get a 'Buy Local' sticker by e-mailing us at

 And tweet us @bestoflowestoft using the hashtag #buylocallowestoft our Like Us on Facebook

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