Biggest mistake can be to keep checking the same holiday over and over
24th June 2014
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We have all been guilty of it at some point, spending hours searching for that perfect holiday online, then finding the one which catchs our eye and so close to booking it.  So you keep an eye on it and look in the day and then at night and this goes on for a few days...All of a sudden the prices changes and more than often will go up.  The chances are that you are the one that is increasing your own holiday.

Tour Operators will keep an eye on what holidays are getting the most hits and they will often see a pattern if a particular holiday is being kept an eye on with the amount of hits that exact holiday gets.  To make people book it is often known for them to increase the cost a little so that the customer will panic and book before it increases anymore.  It can also work the other way and if they have one room left or last few seats left put it down a little to urge the sale, it is more likely to increase though if they see an interest.

So..Next time you see a holiday you are intetersted in, I woudnt keep checking it over and over because if the price changes the chances are it is you that will changing it.

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