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30th August 2013
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Going back to school needs preparation.  Try re-establishing routine a week before your children are due to go back to school.  Getting up on time, formalising mealtimes and re-introducing bed time routines.

Your child may have some worries or anxieties, they may be changing schools have a different teacher or just worried about something little.  Talk to your child about going back to school and about getting back into routines, discuss when homework will be done and what lunches they are having be it packed lunch or school dinners or a mix of both.  If they are having packed lunch perhaps they can empty their own lunch boxes and put them somewhere agreed , ready for the next day.

When it comes to uniform make sure you try everything on, whether it be new or existing it still needs to be tried on, you don't want to be panicking on the morning of the first day back when something does not fit.  Decide on a routing of taking off the uniform when they get home and hanging it up, there's nothing worse than finding uniform in a heap on the floor in no fit state to be worn.  Establishing these routines should reduce the stress and children need routine so this works great in favour of both of you.

Then you have the additional items bags lunch boxes and water bottles, check to see if any of these items need replacing and ensure to label them.

Lastly there is the subject of stationary, make a list with your child on what is needed, here is the standard checklist

Coloured pencils
Colouring felt tip pens
Fountain pen / Handwriting pen
Pencil case
Pencil sharpener
Long ruler
Glue stick
Safety scissors

Older children may need the additional items such as a Maths set and Calculator.

My final word on going back to school would be to make sure you LABEL EVERYTHING, this will make the teachers of Lowestoft schools very happy and will ensure your hard earned cash is not wasted on lost property.

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