A lovely success story...Difference of booking with a Homeworker
14th August 2013
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I am really pleased to of helped out a distressed family yesterday.
Here is what happened.
Monday night at 8pm I recieved a call from a lady I knew asking me to help thier friends, they were a family of 6 and had a family holiday to Florida booked for this Monday which they arranged seperately and villa through someone they have hired the villa from a few times before..so they thought a trusted s...ource....However the villa owner sold the villa in the meantime and they only found out on Monday...So you can imagine their shock and panic..school holidays and most things being booked up, plus they had very specific requirements they needed for their villa. I straight away went on out Travel Counsellors message board to ask if anyone had any contacts at some suppliers I could use.  By Midnight I had a contact come through, emailed her and by 7am yesterday morning we were emailing and finding something suitable for them, by 10am this was all sorted and found them a lovely Villas within the requirements they needed plus it has a movie room and games room...Big Thank you to the lovely Lady who I have never booked before for thinking of me and I am really pleased that I could sort them out. Booking holidays with a homeworker has so many more advantages than booking anywhere else because we all actually care about our clients and not just a transaction as well as being available to speak to evenings as well as day time.
Everyone has to be so careful when booking online and things seperate as a lot of the time isn't covered if things fail. They thought they had booked a trusted villa which they have used many times and this still happened to them...so becareful..Personally I know I wouldnt risk it when it comes to an important holiday especially with a family.
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