Loughborough Man Loses 11.5 Stone with LighterLife
1st July 2010
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LighterLife has given me a life I only really ever dreamed about and viewed through the eyes of others, be it Dads playing football with their children or people being able to buy clothes on the High Street instead of the one or two shops that dictate your entire wardrobe.

When you get to a certain size you never really think you can lose all that weight, the numbers just seem out of reach with your reality of either past experience of attempted weight loss or what you think is achievable. At 6ft 2" & 35 years of age I had managed to build myself to a grand 25st and hit a BMI of 45. Not a fact I look back on with pride.... But I do reflect back on with much pride my time spent on and with LighterLife.

During my journey (as I have now come to refer to this period of time) I shed 11.5st taking me from a self conscious, uncomfortable, walking health risk and warning all rolled into one to a much slimmer, fitter, outgoing & active individual with a BMI of 24. The transformation has been great both physically and emotionally whilst the improvements to my overall health are perhaps unquantifiable but will be continued to be measured for years to come.
It's only when you really question yourself do you see how many variations or decisions you make based on your size, be it to accommodate or to make you stand out less... to fit in. The lighter me is able to make decisions that were not a consideration before, I can now play football with the kids for longer than five minutes and not even work up a sweat, I can buy clothes off the High Street, I can fly with an economy airline and not have a belt extension and fit with relative comfort into their seats (Still 6ft 2"!). 

The list is endless and still being created today as you find your options & choices are so much more free when you don't have the constraints and the baggage that you were carrying around with you 24/7. I am also still surprised at what I have achieved, and continue to use, in terms of learning from the Programme and the invaluable support that surrounds the Programme which I would suggest has been the key to my success. Anyone can follow a diet but LighterLife is about giving you the tools to manage your weight effectively both through the initial abstinence stage in losing the weight and the 12 week Route to Management part of the Programme that prepares you to maintain the weight loss. Now being a life member has given me a "badge of honour" that I am happy to wear and share with others and can only say that if you make a decision to take part in the LighterLife Programme and you want to learn how to manage your food choices you will never look back.
To Debbie Ford and her Team at Loughborough I thank you all for your time, support and continued advice..........

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