LighterLife Weight Loss Success
4th February 2010
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When Jo joined LighterLife Loughborough in April 2009 she had a BMI of 39.8 (close to morbid obesity) and weighed over 18 stones.  33 weeks later she is a trim 10 stones 5 lbs with a very healthy BMI of 22.8 - an amazing weight loss of seven and three quarter stones.

In her own words - "Since starting LighterLife in April 09, I have gained a new lease of life.  I had never been a healthy weight as an adult and so never knew what it was like to be able to go into any shop and pick whatever clothes I wanted.  I do now!  Whilst I never thought that everyday tasks such as walking upstairs was overly difficult, I now realize how much easier it is when you are slimmer - I can even run now!  My Mum has seen what a difference it has made to me and has joined her local LighterLife group this month.  It is the best and most effective weight loss programme I have ever been on."

Come along to a free Open Event in Loughborough to find out more about LighterLife - click here for more information.

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