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10th March 2010
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Meet Janet.  When Janet joined LighterLife Loughborough in April 2009 she had an unhealthy BMI of 35.9 and weighed 16 stones.  28 weeks later she is a trim 10 stones 7 lbs with a very healthy BMI of 23.7 - a weight loss of five and a half stones.

In her own words - "I've always struggled with my weight and when my Mum died in 2008 I put even more on.  My brother and I decided to spend our first Christmas alone travelling and we went on a trip of a lifetime travelling around South East Asia.  We had a fabulous time but it was when we came back and I saw the photographs!!! I looked like a fat middle aged frumpy woman.  It certainly gave me the kick I needed.

I went on a diet and lost some weight but it was coming off too slowly.  I had met Debbie through a networking group we both belong to and I had a chat with her.  She showed me a couple of success stories and it inspired me.  I therefore joined LighterLife in April 2009 and now several months later it's literally transformed my life!!  Oh the joy of going into a shop and buying what I want and knowing what fits me.

Losing weight has given me back my life - I have the confidence I had as a teenager.  I also work in an image conscious profession and I now feel that I deserve to be there."

If you want to transform your life, find out more at LighterLife Loughborough

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