Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen
22nd November 2018
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According to, 40% of people are interested in remodeling their homes. Your kitchen is not just the mesmerizing backsplash and a room for gorgeous cabinets. It is a lot more than that. When you are remodeling your kitchen, you will definitely have to put in an immense amount of effort along with a lot of money. You should be capable of integrating unique and amazing tips that will be helpful for remodeling your kitchen.

Given below is a list of the tips that you can follow in order to make it easier for you to work in the kitchen as well as provide a lot of extra space.

Eliminating the wasted steps

It is important to reflect as to where and how you are using the kitchen items like kitchen furniture, kitchen appliances, kitchen faucets etc.You should store the bowls and the breakfast foods near your breakfast table. Keep plastic containers and wraps in a spot where it is easier for you to grab them. Locate all your dishware near your dishwasher in order to make the entire process easier.

Designing walkways that are wide

The path throughout your entire kitchen should be extremely wide so that you can move around easily. According to designers, the walkway should be almost 36 to 38 inches wide. The part that should be present within your cooking zone should have a width of 42 inches. When you are planning, it is important to adjust your kitchen islands as well as peninsulas in a proper manner. The wider you make the paths, the easier it will be for you to move around in your kitchen.

Direct traffic

If you have kids in your home, it is crucial that you make your kitchen kid-friendly. In order to make your kitchen kid-friendly, you can keep your cook-top out of the traffic area, so that the kids do not catch the handles or cause any spill when they are running about. Ensure that your refrigerator is accessible to both the people who are working in the kitchen as well as the passer-by. This will also make it easier for you to cook in one side and clean on one other side.

Discovering the appropriate height for your microwave

The best location, as well as the height of your microwave, is normally dependent on you as well as the kid-friendliness of the kitchen. For all the adults, the best height for your microwave is almost 15 inches above your countertop level. In order to make it kid-friendly, setting the microwave at a lower height can be more suitable as well as safe.

Staying clear of the corners

In order to make the doors of the appliances and cabinets completely functional, you have to plan in a manner so that the door is capable of swinging. The space of the door clearance should be planned beforehand. You should ensure that all your appliances are not kept in a corner, and also take care that the doors do not bang with each other when they are opened at a similar time. Whether you decide to do it yourself or you are hiring a professional, you should be extremely careful about it.

Determining the function of the island

If you are deciding to make a kitchen island in your kitchen, you need to understand that a proper form always follows function. If you are interested in both cooking as well as eating on your kitchen island, enough space should be planned so that your cook-top is separated safely from your dining area. This is crucial or it can lead to severe accidents.

Planning the landing space

When you are remodeling your kitchen, you should ensure that there is at least a space of 15 inches on both the sides of the cook-top as well as your refrigerator. Landing space helps in ensuring that it is safe to work in your kitchen. You also need to know that a proper landing space should be there near your microwave.

Considering the countertops

If you are someone who cooks frequently, you are going to require a lot of counter space, especially between the sink and the range, in comparison to those people who prefer preparing simple meals or cook infrequently. When you incorporate two different countertop heights, you will observe that baking becomes easy. Also, if you have a kid who is equally involved in preparing meals, it will be easier for him as well. You can go through the reviews of kitchen renovation Long Island to get a better idea about kitchen remodeling.

Doubling up

Placing a second microwave and a mini freezer at the end of the work center of your kitchen can be extremely helpful. It helps in keeping your family members as well as guests away from the way of the cook, which helps in maintaining safety.

Arranging the range

You can place a beautiful shelf either behind your range or beside it in order to keep the cooking oils, spices, and utensils handy. Placing hooks can also help in hanging the pots as well as pans.

Filling it up

Most of the people are frustrated by bringing water from the sink to their cook-top. You can use the swing out taps, which are also known as the pot fillers and install them near your cook-top. This will help in filling your pots easily, where you can heat them without any hassle. You also have the option of installing the extra long hoses from your main tap for filling the pots on your cook-top.

Being sharp when you are storing knives

You need to have a proper spot for storing all your sharp objects. This is going to make your kitchen kid friendly and also ensure that your kids cannot reach the dangerous items easily. You can go for knife drawers that are capable of holding your knives in a proper place.

Making recycling easy

Ensure that there is a cabinet where you can keep your containers, and separate them in accordance with the materials that they are made up of. You can also keep spare drawers for storing your newspapers.


If you keep all these tips in mind, kitchen remodeling is going to be extremely easy for you.  You can also hire a professional interior decoration company to enjoy a hassle-free experience.

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