The 5 Most Stylish Cruiser Helmets
22nd February 2019
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We all know that riding a motorcycle is fun and economical but it also comes with risks. In order to stay safe and protected from fatal injuries, all motorcyclists should be wearing motorcycle safety helmets and other motorcycle apparel whenever they are riding on their bikes. Whether you are the rider or a passenger on the motorcycle, wearing a motorcycle helmet helps protect your head, brain and face in case of an accident.

Motorcycle helmets or crash helmets originally were made of canvas and shellac which were hard enough to take a heavy blow in an accident, preventing or reducing head injury, thus saving the rider’s life. These days, motorcycle helmets have evolved over the years and the modern helmets are both safe and comfortable.

There are different types of helmets designed for the different types of rides. The market is flooded with a wide range of helmets with different styles and price. Picking the right helmet depends on your type of rides and it can be overwhelming especially when there are so many to choose from. When looking for motorcycle helmets, always place safety features before looks and fashion. There are 6 different types of helmets to suit your rides such as the full face helmets, modular helmets (flip up), open face helmets (3/4 helmets), half helmets (brain bucket), off-roads helmets (motocross helmets), and the dual sport helmets.

Full face helmets provide protection by covering the top, back and front of your head except for the eye port. Full face helmets come with a chin bar, providing protection of the chin and jaw. When looking for full face helmets, adjustable ventilation feature is a must to suit all weather condition. Another is to look for removable and washable inner lining or padding.

-          Sport helmets have higher chin bar with the eye port more towards the top of the helmet to suit the hunched sitting position of sport riders. The helmets are aerodynamics preventing helmet lifting at high speeds.

-          Casual or cruiser helmets are designed for the more upright sitting position. The helmets have lower chin bar with the eye port angled straight out. These helmets are designed for comfort and soundproofing.

Helmets with sun visors are best for sunny days and those equipped for Bluetooth or radio connectivity are best suited for long distance rides.

Check out online stores such as which has a wide variety of stylish cruiser helmets to provide superior head and face shielding. These top brands cruiser helmets are durable and with sophisticated looks. The 5 most stylish cruiser helmets would be the Icon Airmada Chantilly helmet, SS700 Go For Broke helmet, SS700 War Path helmet, Shoei GT-Air Solid Full Face Helmet, and the Icon Airmada Nikova II Motorcycle Helmet.

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