Speak Instagram Language For Fashion Sites And Small Retail Businesses To Gain Traffic Later
12th December 2018
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Well, while searching through the Instagram profiles and multiple accounts, you will come across a name Belmiraz. It is an account of a French 21 year old, which has more than hundred thousand IG followers. She is never going to use a desktop computer for logging in and managing the clothing and accessory stores on Tictail. It is an e-commerce platform for all the smaller businesses out there. She is going to set up product descriptions, message customers and process orders off smartphone. She is actually making thousands of dollars only in sale every month.

The co-founder of this e-commerce platform once stated about the project works covered under Belmiraz. He has also stocked the office with these portions to remind staff that they are building items and services for new entrepreneur generations. Their behaviors will form the window into future of the e-commerce. Most of the sellers are less than the age bracket of 35 years. On the other hand, around 65% of that group runs on mobile and they do their marketing through Instagram.

The most recent inspired strategy is the mobile video as it proves to be the lingua franca of socialized channels. It is also proven to be a fast way of showing how a product might look and feel. Right now, Tictail is mainly launching features that help vendors in uploading and recording videos in the mobile app, and the share the same directly on IG. You can further add shoppable links on IG shares and decorate the same with customized stickers of own store logos and specialized offers. When you can follow the norms well, there is no need to buy real instagram likes. Followers and likes will come to you instantly and quite naturally.

Perfect help for the small businesses out there:

According to the co-founder of this center, he is not trying to actually reinvent the wheel around here. On the other hand, he is just making plans to help some of the smaller businesses to take cues from all the things as taking place now on social media, like IG or Snapchat. In short, they mainly think that it will be a wise decision to ask what Belmiraz might plan to do over here for sure.

  • Smaller businesses are working hard and always trying to figure the major points over here. As IG has launched the current business account profiles around 2 years ago, over 25 million users have already opted in this sector for free features. It will help them to add location and contact details, purchase ads and see added analytics. 
  • The platform further helps in reporting that around 60% of the users will discover new products on the said platform and over 200 million people visits around one business profile daily. On the other hand, around 1 in 3 of the viewed stories is noted from the current business accounts.

According to a 27 year old vendor in Tictail selling handmade jewelry, this source is no doubt quite exciting. It is an excited deal to add videos to the product pages. Right from sharing the videos with thousands of IG followers, she can even see these videos to be helping her a lot in getting better understanding of the item. It further helps her to attract shoppers more and engage with them a lot better than it was before surely.

Avoid investing a lot of time for that:

You don’t have to invest a lot of money and time in creating these professional videos, making them such a promising note around here. Even the IG story videos are going to work as amazing marketing tools for the businesses as on this e-commerce platform. These videos are mainly simple boomerang selfies, where you can see the seller wearing those latest pieces of items, captioned well with hand drawn text or something similar to that.

While some of the most traditional forms of smaller businesses might feel a bit hesitant in sharing less than professional and casual forms of videos and images, but the market wants something new and different this time. Nowadays, young shoppers and sellers are practically gravitating towards media, which might feel intimate and off the cuff.

Realistic videos are always the best one:

It is true to state that realistic videos are always the best ones. Nowadays, people are actually moving away from that world of the sterile studio shots and right into that place where video of product can be well captured in the current room right now. For example, there is someone in the room, speaking about it and also wearing the items themselves.

  • What you can actually see in the platforms is that video is performing best when it is made by the seller and showing products if that is art or just wearing product for its fashion.
  • It is also associated with the videos, which are performing some of the smaller and tactile movements where you get to understand how it falls right on you. Through the videos, you will understand how this material will feel and might speak to what the product is all about in the end.

It is quite fascinating how one video or phone can provide you with the chance to express all excitement and information related to a product. It is important for all the business founders out there to be part of story. People end up appreciating the item more when they can actually see that an actual person is right behind all these points.

Add a human feeling to it:

Most of the time, IG users will check photos or videos as placed on social media channels. However, trying to add these videos will be like adding a human touch to it. So, it will make the products feel a lot closer and personal for the people who are viewing it from the other side of the coin. In case, you are looking for some immediate help, you have to speak Instagram language first.

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