How to Transfer Data from your Old phone to your new smartphone?
15th February 2019
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You have a new smartphone, and you do not know how to correctly transfer information from the old one? We explain how to do this, including "move" from iOS to Android or vice versa.

Change your smartphone to a more modern model is a great thing. The main thing is not to lose anything when “moving”, that is, to correctly copy all the basic information from one device to another. That’s what we going to learn from this tutorial how to transfer contacts and data to a new smartphone.

How to transfer data from Android to Android

The easiest way to transfer data from one Android smartphone to another is to use a Google account. On the old smartphone, it is most likely configured - just enter the login and password from your account when first setting up a new Android smartphone. Contacts are copied automatically, but applications and their data will need to be reinstalled manually. They remain available on Google Play (both free and purchased) - just go to your store ( Apps-> My Apps ) and do it.

You can use NFC. If both devices support this contactless technology, you just need to turn it on and use the Android Beam feature (look in Settings). Of course, the device must be kept next to each other.

Another option is to create a backup. It is suitable if you have problems, for example, with the Internet or you have not used synchronization with Google.

  • At first update Google play store to the most recent version and Go to Google Play, download the Google Drive app, launch it and log in (enter the login and password for your Google account).
  • In the upper left corner, click on the three horizontal bars and in the menu that opens, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select "Backup" and leave the phone connected to Wi-Fi and charging. Backup can last several hours. However, if your photos have already been synchronized with Google, then in a couple of seconds everything will be ready.
  • Turn on the new smartphone on Android, select restore data from backup and enter the login / password of the Google account.
  • You can continue to customize the phone and even use it, and the data will be restored in the background.

How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone

The easiest way to transfer all data from one iPhone to another is through iTunes. Another option is to create a backup copy in iCloud, but if you did not expand the storage capacity for money, then 5 GB will be available there - this may not be enough, especially if you have been using a smartphone for a long time and you have a lot of photos.

  • Launch iTunes on your PC or Mac, click on the smartphone icon in the upper left corner. In the “Backups” section, make sure that the check mark is set to “This computer” instead of “iCloud” and click the “Create a copy now” button.
  • When the backup is completed (it may take a long time), below this button will appear: “Last copy:” - and then it will be shown when it was created in the format: today at the twentieth hour.
  • Now take a new iPhone and insert a SIM card into it. At startup, you will be asked if you want to restore data from a backup.
  • Among the options are "from a copy of iCloud" and "from a copy of iTunes." Select iTunes and follow the onscreen instructions. The smartphone will ask you to connect it to the computer with installed iTunes, and then already on the computer you will need to choose which copy you want to restore.

The advantage of switching to another iPhone using iTunes is that all your programs and accounts, as well as wallpapers and ring tones, will also be transferred. In fact, you will receive exactly the same smartphone, but in a new package. Is that the location of application shortcuts on desktops can get off.

How to transfer data from iPhone to Android

To transfer contacts, organizer data and photos from the "iPhone" to "Android", you can use the backup function from Google.

  • Download the Google Drive app from the App Store.
  • Once launched, you’ll need to enter your Google account details. If you do not already have such an account, create it using a computer by typing in the address bar . In any case, this Android account is useful to you.
  • When you are logged in to your account, open the menu by clicking on the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner.
  • Now in the upper right corner find the image of the gear and click on it. An additional menu will appear in which the “Backup” item will appear.
  • Choose what data you want to copy, connect your iPhone to the Wi-Fi network and power from the outlet and click the big blue “Start backup” button below.

After the backup is complete (this action may take several hours), it's time to switch to an Android smartphone.

  • Turn it on and when the gadget asks - set it up as new or restore data, select the second option.
  • Next, you need to connect your smartphone to a Wi-Fi-network. On the next page, select where your backup is located - “Copy of data from cloud storage” or iPhone. Specify the iPhone, and then click "Next."
  • Now you need to enter your username and password from Google account and accept the terms of the privacy policy. After that, continue to customize your Android smartphone - data will be restored in the background.

How to transfer data from Android to iPhone

If your friends persuaded you to “change religion,” and to their joy you decided to leave the Android world to Apple devices, a reasonable question would arise about transferring data not just to another smartphone, but to another ecosystem. But do not worry: with our advice you will be able to see in practice how simple and easy everything is.

  • First of all, download to Google Play application Move to iOS , which was developed by Apple itself. The program works in tandem with the iPhone, so you need to run it already when you bought and unpacked the new “iPhone”.
  • Launch this app on your Android smartphone and turn on your iPhone. The latter will offer to configure it as a new smartphone or restore according to another gadget. Select "Transfer data from Android" and click "Next."
  • The iPhone screen will display a six-digit code that will need to be entered into the Move To iOS program on the Android device.
  • Enter the code, and the program will find the iPhone itself and start transferring data.

As a result, your Google account with all its contents (contacts, calendar data, notes) and photos will be migrated. Also on the "iPhone" will be installed free applications that were available on Android (if any).

The data of these applications, however, will not transfer - however, the developers of some applications and games allow you to copy data through your own cloud.

How to deal with photos? Copy through the cloud!

If the most important thing for you is not to lose photos, then you should take care of their synchronization with any cloud service. Of course, you can simply copy all the photos to a computer and then transfer them to a new smartphone, check Why Facebook Lite Can not Open but clouds will save you if your phone is lost or stolen. Your photos will always be at hand.

There is one “but”: the Apple iCloud service is available only on iOS gadgets. Therefore, if your move includes a smartphone on Android as one of the links in the chain, it will not work for you.

The best way to use Google Photo is that 15 GB is completely free, and if you allow it to compress photos up to 16 megapixels (modern smartphones are usually not equipped with higher resolution cameras), then the volume of the cloud will be unlimited for you. Just download and run the Google Photo app, login to your Google account and allow the app to sync photos. Connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi and wait until all photos are uploaded.

You can also try Dropbox or OneDrive. All of them have the option to sync photos and various prize options for smartphone buyers. Check with the seller - perhaps as a bonus for the purchase of your smartphone, you are supposed to some kind of free expansion of cloud storage.

How to transfer data from Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft stops developing smartphones and PCs on the current version of Windows Mobile. It's time to move somewhere. Contacts and data of the organizer can be transferred to a Google account, and your photos are probably already in OneDrive, a Microsoft cloud service available on iOS and Android. 
If you set up a Microsoft account on a smartphone with Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile and your mobile device had access to the Internet, then your data is synchronized with the Outlook Web Service.

Now go to , click “More” in the left column and select the “Import” option in the drop-down menu. A pop-up window will appear in which you will need to select, and then enter your username and password from your Windows account. After that, your address book will be transferred to your Google account.

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