Helpful Tips for Choosing the Best Asian Wedding Photographer
17th December 2018
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Asian weddings are renowned for their pomp, colour and joyous festivity. A skilled wedding photographer should be able to capture the essence of the occasion; the music should be almost audible in the photos. You want the photos that capture the most important day of your life to record every aspect of your special day.

Choosing a wedding photographer such asDigital Perfection London Wedding Photographer is no walk in the park. Obviously, you cannot just latch onto the first one that you come across. The following tips are meant to help make the process a little easier for you.

  • The photographer’s portfolio

The importance of this one cannot be overemphasised. Past work is necessary as it gives you an idea of the photographer’s image quality and style. A professional should be able to capture the personalities of the bride and groom and the emotions expressed during the festivities.

Ask to see your preferred photographer’s images, not just their best picks. You want to be sure that their image quality is consistent so that you can avoid nasty little surprises in yours.

Pay attention to editing. Heavy editing may allude to poor quality.

  • Personality

Your photographer must make you feel comfortable in their presence. It is next to impossible to give your best poses to someone that makes you want to run and hide. First impressions matter and you will be able to tell within the first 5 minutes of your face-to-face consultation whether there is a connection or not. Discomfort shines through in photos.

You must think about your guests as well. A friendly, approachable photographer will put everyone at ease. They will be more than willing to allow the photographer to mingle and even give their best poses.

  • Budget

Naturally, you will need to work within your budget. However, avoid buying into the hype that high-end prices automatically mean high quality. Reasonably priced photography may actually give you a pleasant surprise. Rather than being daunted by price, focus on qualities such as the ones mentioned above: personality and quality.

Your photographer should have a transparent pricing structure and you must be open about your budget. Most photographers are willing to negotiate.

  • Experience

A wedding photographer plays many roles. They may end up coordinating, entertaining children and even acting as master of ceremonies. This is on top of the main role of taking quality photographs. A novice may be overwhelmed by the multiple roles but an experienced photographer knows what to expect and is prepped for it.

A photographer who has worked at your wedding venue is an added advantage. They have already been there so they have no qualms about meeting up regularly at the venue to explore the best photo locations and opportunities. Moreover, they may even have helpful suggestions having shot a wedding there previously.

  • Recommendations

Friends and family may know of good photographers whose quality and work ethics they loved and recommend them to you. This is always a good lead to explore and it definitely saves you time. Planning a wedding is stressful enough without having to meet with tens of photographers and feeling them out.

The experiences of those that have worked with certain photographers such as Digital Perfection London Wedding Photographer should be a good indication of what to expect from specific photographers, although you must also have your own specific expectations.

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