Content Writing and Digital Marketing for a Global Audience
12th February 2019
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Writing for audiences across cultures can come with a lot of challenges. It’s because you have to write in a way that is clear to people with diverse backgrounds and your content should be easily translated so that your message is not diluted for those who are not native English speakers. As businesses become more international, our writing must also follow especially for enterprise businesses.

If you find it difficult to write content to your website for a global audience, you’ve come to the right place because we are going to give you some of the best tips you can do for your business to reach global audiences through your content by blogger outreach services.

  • Keep in Mind that You’re Writing for Different Audiences

When you start writing content for your business, keep in mind that your work will eventually be translated for people in other countries and cultures, therefore, try to write with a global audience in mind from the beginning. Remember that the quality of your source content directly impacts the quality of your translated content. You should not wait until your website is translated into other languages before you clarify a confusing statement. In this way, you will be able to save time instead of writing your content over and over for each language.

  • Avoid Confusing Words and Phrases and Get to the Point

This is very important when it comes to writing for a global audience. When expressing your ideas, avoid using unclear or redundant phrases and try to find a direct way on how you can express them instead. Do not use idioms because such phrases may sound natural to native speakers of a particular language but not with other cultures.

Avoid using slang and humor as well because it rarely translates well and might just lead to confusion and misunderstandings. Aside from that, humor may not be respected by other cultures especially in a business context and it might just seem unprofessional. Aside from that, try to avoid corporate-speak as well because the catchphrases that your colleagues use daily might be meaningless for people outside the United States business world.

When writing content for a global audience, always write with an active voice because passive sentences usually have a more complex sentence structure and sometimes tend to be vague.

  • Make Your Content Clear with Your Translator

Most businesses hire a translation agency so that their website’s contents will be easily translated into different languages. But you also have to make sure that your translator or translation agency understands the meaning of your writings. When you forward your content to them, try to add notes so that the linguists who will translate your text will understand the context of your writing and will be able to adapt it appropriately to your audiences.

Reach Global Audiences Through Enterprise SEO

Aside from the effective writing tips to follow when writing for a global audience, another way to reach global audiences is through Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It is known as a marketing mastermind discipline that can help your website increase visibility and traffic from organic search results from popular search engines such as Google, YouTube, and Bing.

If you’re working with a large or complex website, Enterprise SEO is one of the best platforms that can help you reach global audiences. If you’re dealing with an enterprise that has a large website with lots of pages, or maybe a website with complex infrastructure, Enterprise SEO will find a way to implement fundamental SEO best practices on each and every page of your websites.

This type of SEO usually has teams that will give attention to different departments in your business. They will help you market your business globally by working hand in hand with your PR, advertising, social media, and other departments. And more than reaching their goals, they will also aim to reach your personal business’ goals as well.


In addition to marketing your business through Enterprise SEO, localization is also important if you really want your content to reach global audiences. Localization is sometimes mistaken for translated content but it is actually more than that. It is the process of adapting content to a specific locale or market and translation is only one of its several elements or process. Its aim is to give a product or service the look and feel of having been created specifically for a target market no matter their location, culture, and language.

Some of the other processes of localization include modifying content to fit the taste and consumption habits of other markets, using proper formats or local formats for dates, phone numbers, and addresses, converting to local requirements like units of measure and currencies, and as well as addressing local regulations and legal requirements.

However, localization can sometimes be challenging for enterprise businesses because they usually have only one location for their business and yet customers are coming to them from all over the world. But there’s a way for them to be able to localize their website effectively. These can include identifying key local markets, creating localized pages of content, and structuring site for localized pages.

Writing for a global audience is indeed a challenging task especially for an enterprise business that handles a website with hundreds or thousands of web pages. But it can be done easily by following the right processes and with the help of Enterprise SEO as well. We hope the tips we shared will be able to help you create content effectively and reach more audiences globally.

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