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18th January 2019
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In an evolving work culture, the need for collaboration is constantly increasing and shifting its form rapidly. You may not have space for holding up meetings wherever you go. So all you do is look for the best conference rooms nearby and present your ideas with your team.

When it comes to organizing a conference room setup, there are a lot of factors that are taken into consideration- like the space you provide, the amount of time your client can book your space for, whether you have a parking lot, the chargeable amount on an hourly/ daily basis etc... Such requirements are mandatory for your clients.

Whether you have to share the conference room with more than one client per day or approximately give it away for more than a day, you need to note down all the information in one place.

With the advent of the internet, organizing your work has become simple and easy. The usage of organizational software tools that bolster collaborating meetings is becoming more robust now. One such solution for scheduling your conference rooms is PICKTIME.

Picktime is a free web-based conference room scheduling software that will keep you hassle free from booking problems with few keystrokes away.

You can just sync your favorite calendar and let your clients check for your availability when they need space. Whether you have multiple conference rooms at various locations or time zones you can put all your work under one roof without spending extra time, effortlessly.

Features of Picktime-

1. Free online booking software-

Though you can find many other online tools, they might come with hidden terms and conditions for free trials. But not with picktime, we offer a completely free online scheduling software for you to sign up anytime. You can just set up your available slots for booking your conference rooms with a couple of clicks. All you have to do is sync your personal calendar for the available dates and time.

2. Customized business page-

You can use Picktime for setting up your business page on our SME friendly platform and upload your work images, files etc.. for attracting as many visitors as possible. You can also integrate with your Facebook page by adding a book now a widget for turning all your visitors into customers.

3.Multiple locations-

With picktime, you can store all your services under one platform for making it easy for your customers and team to enjoy your services at multiple locations full fledgedly. Select all the locations you serve, there’s no limit.

4. Team management-

Often when you work with a team, it is impossible for you to look into every one of your team member working at multiple locations and time zones to assign them with tasks. Take the hassle out by using picktime and easily manage your staff by assigning them with concerned tasks from any of your devices that are connected to the internet. Take a quick glance and track your teammates from any part of the world.

5. Client database-

Picktime stores all your client details safely on the internet for you to recheck whenever you need a piece of information regarding them. It reduces all your paperwork and the time consumption of going through your excel sheets. Stay updated through picktime

6. Recurring bookings-

Once you have worked with your client and they’re quite happy with your services they may rebook your space at regular intervals. Offer them your best services by allowing them to repeat their bookings. Don’t take the stress of recollecting it or end up forgetting about the constant recurring bookings. Picktime not only allows your customer to book on any particular day but also repeat their bookings or reschedule or cancel them within minutes.

Start using picktime and multiply your business profits to leaps and bounds. Reach the maximum number of clients and delight them with your hospitality. Remember happy clients equals to happy business. Sign up for free and make vital use of all the features. NOW

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