Bake your own bread!
24th September 2013
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A visit to Cogglesford Watermill in Sleaford also helped us out... 

So we bought some 'Watermill' ground wholemeal flour and followed the recipe! Very rewarding and lovely solid loaf of bread - makes a real change from the supermarket loaf/sponge.

If you feel like having a go - here's the recipe!

1. Dissolve 10ml (2 level teaspoons) dried yeast in 150 ml room temperature water with 1 level teaspoon sugar added - leave until frothy

2. Mix 450g Cogglesford Mill Stone ground Wholemeal flour (or 225g wholemeal and 225g strong flour) with 1 level teaspoon salt and then rub in 25g Margarine or Lard 

3. Add ready yeast mixture and top up with water (up to 150ml) until dough is a soft 

4. Divide dough into 2 and place in greased 450g loaf tins and cover with polythene bags or clingfilm allowing extra airspace (from my experience a tea towel will do as well) and keep in warmish place until dough has risen to around double its size. (I admit ours didn't quite - probably due to the yeast we used being a bit old - also rises better with white flour mixed in)

5. Bake in oven - preheated at Gas mark 8 - 230ºC - for 15 Minutes

6. Reduce heat to Gas mark 6 - 200ºC for a further 30 minutes

7. Take out of tin and let it cool on cooling rack (not cover before cold - I use a tea towel to cover until really cold) Ok - ours never got cold before we had to try a slice each together with our homemade plum jam.... Lovely - VISIT COGGLESFORD WATERMILL and see how the flower is made!

Any further tips from some bread-pro's out there are welcome!! Just leave a comment below!!

ps.  Health and Safety Warning - YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN !! We denounce any responsibility for accidental damage, choking, allergies, cuts, fire, burns, arguments, divorces or damage to pets while you are following this recipee and eating the outcome!!

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