A hidden Gem - The Terrace Artist
5th August 2013
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Just by accident really I happened to look up from my car (as I parked in one of the probably most expensive Car Parks in Lincoln) - and I saw the sign

'THE TERRACE, creative industries workspace'

with some mysterious box type windows, behind one of them a lady was lying down and having some sort of beauty treatment (I hope) .... Anyhow - I also saw - closing down - SCOTLINCART Art Studio in the first box - and as a 'closet' artist myself I could not resist and popped in.

David was charming, a little sad about closing down, but very welcoming and told me all sorts of exciting stories about his travels around the globe, beautifully illustrated by some real GEMS of paintings he had done, hidden amidst many more pictures from his collection. His ART STUDIO is so hidden away, together with other interesting studios, which I yet have to explore.. - it is a real shame..

So here's my challenge to you all: IF YOU'RE IN THE AREA of what I call 'half way up the hill' Lincoln (Strait) - Pop through the side road (next to Pizza Express) and visit The Terrace - visit David and have a look at his great art - there is something there for everyone - from Lincoln Souvenir paintings (and stones!!) - to amazing Oasis in the Desert to beautiful Woodlands and Landscapes ... 

It's worth a visit - and please pass on the word!! Time is running out...

It's never to late: have a look at David's website here!!

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