5 Potential Cyber Security Threats You Should Always Know About
2nd March 2019
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As technology continues to evolve all-around, cybersecurity continues to be a growing challenge. While the anti-malware and security systems are also advancing at a fast pace, individual users and companies are still finding it difficult to stay ahead of potential threats. Knowledge of the biggest threats can help you stay prepared.

1. Phishing Threat

Phishing attacks continue be among the biggest cyber security threats even after decades of the internet revolution. Just last year, more than 7 in 10 businesses reported being victims of phishing attacks. This kind of attack focuses on stealing a wide range of information including:

  • User login info
  • Personal information
  • Credit card info
  • Financial data

Attackers impersonate as trusted websites to extract a wide range of information from individuals and businesses. You should instruct all your employees to avoid the following to prevent such attacks from becoming effective:

  • Clicking on links
  • Entering any credentials into forms
  • Replying to emails related to financial data

2. Ransomware

It is claimed that by the end of this year, there can be one attack every 14 second on companies, ransomware is another big potential cyber security threat. It can mean permanent data loss, which can be extremely costly to your business or even if you are an individual. Your data is held until you are ready to pay a ransom. The use of effective endpoint security systems and VPN systems can help you steer clear of it. When it comes to a reliable and trusted VPN system, you can try nordvpn.

3. Cryptojacking

Cryptojacking is also known as cryptomining malware. It employs initial access and scripts-based methods for stealing resources. It affects servers and different types of devices, including mobile devices. It keeps running in the background and steals your system resources to generate profits. It is easy to deploy and continues to grow in threat in the near future. Using a VPN can go a long way in protecting your systems from this threat.

4. Viruses & Worms

Viruses and worms have been there since the inception of the internet. Even when many powerful anti-malware programs have been developed, they continue to be evolving threats to cyber security. New malware are even more complicated as they come deployed in different types of files. Many can lie dormant before becoming activated and attacking your system.

While using advanced antimalware systems is the most basic thing you can do, protecting yourself when going online can be another important step. Malware attacks often involve the infected files getting activated when you open them. These files are often hidden in the guise of important documents.

Worms can spread in your system and replicate at a fast pace to infect all the files, taking up all the storage space. Viruses and worms are becoming increasingly harmful. This is becoming even more concerning because of the way financial and personal information is stored and used on systems. Common potential threats include financial frauds and identity theft.

5. Botnets

Botnets is another major threat that you can face at all times. It involves the creation of a complex network of systems that have been compromised and controlled by attackers. These systems can be used for carrying out attacks at a large scale.

These attacks are then made to carry out:

  • DDoS attacks
  • Sending spam
  • Carrying out brute force attacks
  • Stealing personal & confidential information

So, whether you are an individual user, a professional, or a business owner or manager, make sure to be prepared for these potential threats. You will need more than just an anti-virus software to protect your information and systems. So you should invest in as many resources as possible to protect yourself against cyber security threats.

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