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Andy's Driving School, Lichfield

I cannot thank Andy enough for giving me back my confidence with driving. I contacted him looking for some refresher lessons, after several years of not consistently driving. I had 4x 90 minute sessions and went from the basics up to a full session of driving independently. Andy was calm and encouraging throughout and created a great environment for me to build my confidence and re-establish my driving skills. His instructions were clear throughout each lesson, and I really appreciated his honesty and pragmatism and encouraging me to get driving on my own. I've successfully driven my own car twice in the first few days after my last session, and I have been so much more confident and comfortable behind the wheel. I feel so much better equipped to drive independently after my time with Andy! I cannot recommend him enough for anyone whose anxious about driving after a prolonged break! (He also has some pretty great/awful jokes up his sleeve)