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Hunnypot Cottage Bakery - Artisan Bread in Lichfield, Lichfield

having to hide the rosemary, stilton and onion bread from the rest of the family

Hunnypot Cottage Bakery - Artisan Bread in Lichfield, Lichfield

just enjoyed the beetroot and apple with cheese , perfect combo

The Best of Lichfield, Lichfield

Wow where do I start, from the initial meeting to the ongoing support it's been amazeballs. Not sure if they can help your business why not have a chat with them and find out what they can offer. For me not only is it the newsletter that goes out each week telling over 12,000 people where they can find me, or details of a new product launch to the social media that as a sole trader I just wouldn't be able to do but it's the knowledge and the "oh so and so might be a useful connection or have you heard about this event or outlet for your product" . Louie with her enthusiasm for Lichfield is second to none.

GE Copywriter, Sutton Coldfield

After getting to know Gayle over the last few months I couldn't think of anyone better to rewrite my website for me and can't wait for her tostart on this and some other projects I have lined for 201. Her talent with words is amazing