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The Best of Lichfield, Lichfield

Louie is an amazing resource for wonderful things available in Lichfield, from a plumber to a night out. I can't recommend her enough.

aBagOfun, Lichfield

This company is fantastic fun with people who know how to be great role models They really are 5 star can't recommend them enough *****

Cathedral ChemDry, Lichfield

Neil cleans carpets rugs and soft furnishings to a wonderful standard and is a friendly giant who delivers great results ever time Best wishes Annie Day of Heaven scent bliss xxx

Culley Lifford Hall Accountants, Lichfield

Val's accountancy and hand-holding service is amazing and her knowledge is awesome. I cannot recommend her enough.

Footprint, Cannock

I've been using Footprint since it opened and have always enjoyed great service, graphic design par excellence throughout this time. I have pop-up banners and labels for all our e-commerce site products and business cards for both of our businesses that are superb. I can't recommend them enough!

Cathedral ChemDry, Lichfield

Neil is an absolute star doing over & above what he claims He is an excellent cleaner of carpets & upholstery and is a very happy & pleasant Clean Giant I really cant thank him enough or recommend him enough Many Thanks Clean Giants Fan club ANNIE DAY of Heaven Scent blissLove&joyannie;