The Ultimate Jewellery Collection by Form Bespoke Jewellers of Leeds
22nd June 2017
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Form Bespoke Jewellery are highly recommended jewellers dedicated to creating your perfect, bespoke and therefore unique, fine jewellery items. The Company is led by Tim Swann and Gary Thompson, and they are proud of having a combined total of more than sixty years’ experience in the jewellery industry. Their team of expert Yorkshire based jewellery craftsmen work with platinum, 18 carat gold, diamonds and coloured precious gems. Form Bespoke Jewellery are specialist creators of exquisite engagement rings, wedding rings and eternity rings.


Form Bespoke Jewellers is a multi-award winning bespoke jewellers with dedicated skills and the driving force to apply their craft skills for the benefit of each individual customer by engaging with them to establish their hopes and wishes regarding their special jewellery items. Their craftsmen jewellers are passionate about working with the customer to get the creation just right.


What might you expect to buy at Form Bespoke Jewellery?


Platinum; 18 carats yellow gold, white gold; or titanium. Diamond, or no diamond. Bespoke is what it says, Form Bespoke Jewellery will create personalised jewellery for you based upon your confirmed wishes.

Dress rings, wedding rings, engagement rings, eternity rings; cuff links, and even corporate lapel badges are available to buy. If you can think of it, they can do it.

Working straight from their workbench you get personal consultations with your bespoke jewellers, as they create your unique piece. They can update the look of an existing ring, or make use of a diamond or stone you already have.

Form Bespoke Jewellers do not buy diamonds or gold until you, the customer, has placed an order, accordingly Form Bespoke Jewellers don't hold huge amounts of stock, neither do they put on huge markups keeping their prices very competitive.

Customers both in Leeds West Yorkshire and as far way as New York and Australia buy their unique personal jewellery at Form Bespoke Jewellery of Leeds such is their fine reputation for excellent service and top quality products.


Form Bespoke Jewellery are very highly recommended by The Best of UK, bringing the most trusted local businesses and the community together.


For further information and contact details – to book an appointment with Form Bespoke Jewellery, please go to:

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