Russell Howard comes to Leeds
17th March 2014
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Sunday 16th March saw me attending not only my first comedy show but also my first time experiencing the new Leeds First Direct Arena.

The new arena itself is impressive even though a substantial size it was easy to find seats and there was always a member of staff around. 

The show itself did not disappoint and was extremely funny.  Russell Howard was able to keep audiences entertained for the full two hours that he was on stage and there was not a dull moment and thankfully no awkward silences. 

The audience was full of a range of people from students to families to elderly people and Howard was able to cater and direct his content to all audiences and still engage a positive response. 

Perhaps not suitable for younger children, Howard made his content vary and covered a range of subjects instead of sticking to one tangent that could have been seen as tedious.  Overall the show and the experience was one that I definitely want to encounter again and Howard and the arena did not disappoint.

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