Leeds in Lights
17th November 2013
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Halloween and bonfire night are officially over.  Christmas has been marked and the season is well and truly upon us.  Leeds was illuminated by the turning on of the Christmas lights at the beginning of November to mark the season, perhaps too early for some?

As soon as you emerge from the train station you are met by the impressively large festive tree that has been placed, to help indicate to visitors that Christmas is upon the city. A comforting sight as we are now in the dark nights of winter. 

The student term is very close to being over with final deadlines to be met and with students preparing to return home for the season.  The chain coffee shops such as ‘Costa’ and ‘Starbucks’ have launched their Christmas drinks to help everyone in Leeds get well and truly in the Christmas spirit.

Leeds’s very own German Christmas Market has been also started and the shops have prepared for Christmas as the Christmas shopping ensues.  As well as the city centre, Leeds Trinity shopping centre have also encompassed the festive season with a range of decorations and their very own Christmas tree, to keep those shoppers festive.

Only one question remains, when is it acceptable to listen to Christmas music and watch your first Christmas film of the season?

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