Leeds: A Social Cartography
24th October 2013
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Hello there, and welcome to my Blog Leeds: A Social Cartography. My name is Oliver and I am the writer behind this Blog. Having lived in Leeds for three years now as a student, I have thrived within its growing picnic of merriment. Originally from Manchester, a city which boasts one of the mostscintillating social scenes in Europe, I have found that Leeds has not only matched it for diversity andentertainment, but it has surpassed it with its celebration of multi-culturism. The city is a reception for gaiety and engrossing festivities.

My blog will look to map the social scene of Leeds; advising and illuminating to you what is going on and where. It will offer an up to date itinerary of what is running through the veins Leeds. Leeds has become a medley of different cultures from all over the worlds; almost weekly festivals at Leeds’ self-proclaimed international party area Millennium Square offers visitors a chance to one week be tasting the richest foods from Bangladesh and in the next week being serenaded by the fantastic Lady Boys of Bangkok. From fine foods and drinks at the gorgeous riverside bars to classy nights out down Call Lane and onwards to maybe a little bit more of a messy night out; Leeds without out a doubt has it all to offer.

This blog will speak to everyone; not just students and young professionals; but families and visitors from all over who have come to experience Leeds for is full social potential. I will deliver information on Leeds’ rich historical back drop to her superb day and nightlife. As you experience Leeds you will develop a sense of what you really love about it; your own interpretation, you can travel countless avenues of amusement. Take what I write as a guide not as must do, these are only my experiences, Leeds truly is what people make of it themselves, I am just providing the directions.

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Hi, I'm Oliver, i'm a third year student at Leeds metropolitan studying English. I'm not a huge fan of the university but one profitable aspect has certainly been moving to Leeds. Coming from Manchester...

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