How to Survive Leeds Festival 2013
16th August 2013
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Choose carefully where you set up camp. Bramham Park has a few hills, especially in the orange campsite. Camping at the top means a steep climb up an increasingly muddy slope (always entertaining to observe though). Camping at the bottom will mean a potentially flooded tent if it does rain.


Make your tent stand out. The chances are, unless your tent is a one-off bespoke item; there will be several hundred tents that look exactly the same as yours. Add darkness, tiredness and the after effects of a few drinks and you could end up searching for hours (or ending up in bed with a stranger who shares your taste in tents!) Bring an eye catching flag on a flagpole and make sure you remember at least which campsite you're in.


Bring Wellies! A festival must-have; even if the ground stays dry it will get incredibly dusty from the sheer volume of people tramping on the grass. They go with everything and are great for protecting your poor toes in a mosh-pit. If it does rain, try to stave off trench foot by packing loads of socks to change into.


Wet wipes and hand gels are your best friends. The chances are you wonât have a shower for several days. Combine this with hot weather and energetic dancing and you may wish to bring a peg for your nose. Wet wipes are refreshing and at least make you look (and smell!) deceptively clean.


Bring your own food and drinks. Buying everything can make for a very expensive experience; bring some food to snack on and some giant bottles of water to refill. Make sure it's food that won't miss being refrigerated; Pringles, cereal bars and biscuits are great.


Duct tape has many uses. Leaky tents and wellies and all manner of problems can be fixed by this wonder. Also use it to fashion make-shift straps to carry your sleeping bag and gear. Or use it to attach a torch to your tent to make a lamp.


Bring glow sticks. Who can resist them? Fun to use, great for making friends with people and can even come in handy for bartering.


Be prepared or all weathers. The scouts had it right; bring sun cream and a waterproof jacket or hoodie. It may be hot all day but a jacket is great for when it's chilly later and for sitting on all day. It will also have lots of useful pockets to keep your stuff in.


Don't bring valuables and your very favourite clothes. Chances are you will lose them, break them or they will get stolen. Mud is notoriously hard to wash out and extremely easy to get covered in so choose wisely. Also don't bring too much stuff as it is a VERY long to the campsites from the entrance points.


Don't forget to find out when next year's tickets are on sale; chances are you'll want to go back!

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