How to get the Spook?
5th November 2013
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Halloween...Once traditionally a night in which it was believed that evil spirits were allowed to return from the dead for one night only. Now? Well now it is an opportunity for children to dress up and collect all sorts of sweet treats to indulge in.

Too old for that? It is still an opportunity to carve a pumpkin and dress up but an opportunity to put that costume to the test through a range of places in Leeds.

 Hâlo is a prime place to attend due to the fact that the location itself is a church and what is creepier than a church? It conforms to all the horror movie stereotypes to not go into a church at night.

Hâlo however is not the only place to devour yourself in on Halloween. Leeds University's club Fruity is concocting a Halloween Haunted Hospital which is surely going to put students in the Halloween spirit. It's the one night to go all out; buy a ridiculous costume, rip up your old clothes and large, copious amounts of fake blood are needed. From the classic make anything into a zombie to the costumes that are well and truly out there, this is guaranteed to be seen in Leeds. So do not worry if you're feeling a bit under the weather, it's nothing a bit of face paint won't cover up!

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