Halloween Advice for those in Leeds this year!
20th October 2015
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Halloween, a time for ghouls and ghosts and, nowadays, young children looking forward to a massive sugar rush from all the treats they could receive!  Trick or Treating is huge these days and enjoyed by children and parents alike with spooky costumes, face painting, and a dose of fresh air whilst roaming the streets as it gets dark.

To ensure that everyone has a good night, here are a few Do’s and Don’ts that parents should bear in mind this Halloween:


  • Stick to your own neighbourhood.  Look for houses with a pumpkin or spooky decorations to indicate that they are happy to welcome Trick or Treaters.  Better still, only call on homes where you know the occupants.
  • Respect people’s decisions.  Avoid homes displaying a ‘No Callers’ poster or specific ‘No Trick or Treaters’ poster.  Halloween is not for everyone.
  • Be careful when crossing the road.  Stick to homes on one side of the road before crossing to the other – don’t crisscross.
  • Be seen, be safe.  Ensure children carry a torch or wears something reflective so that they can easily been seen by drivers.


  • Take shortcuts through alleys or un-lit areas.  Stick to well-lit roads and avoid areas you are unfamiliar with.
  • Let children go beyond the doorstep.  Ensure children stay on the doorstep, not only for their own safety but also to ensure they do not unintentionally intimidate homeowners.
  • Let children do anything that may damage property.  Keep children to paths/driveways and away from garden plants and cars where at all possible.
  • Let children forget to say thank you.  Remind children that the treats they receive were paid for by whoever gave them out.

Halloween can provide a wonder evening of innocent, spooky fun for everyone involved; just remember to stay safe, stay bright (so that you are easily seen in the dark), stay within the law and, most of all, enjoy yourselves.




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