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11th November 2013
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Christmas has finally arived. Though it may be premature for some, it has in my eyes burst into life and all the greatest parts of this time of year are all coming together under the winter wonderland of Millennium squares and Leeds’ German Christmas Markets!

Even before you can see the lights which buzz in bright yellows and deep reds and Christmas greens. Or even before you can hear the music of the live German band playing from inside their huge rec hall, which inside is filled with stalls selling roast apple mulled wine; hot in a mug and promising to keep you warm and festive, pints of Germany's finest wheat beers; dark and light, either a beautiful change to the more openly available beers in our city. All around people are singing, dancing laughing and really becoming part of the German Christmas.

Even before you experience any of that; walking up through town roughly ten minutes away from Millennium Square, in the air you smell the amazing foods being served up. German speciality sausage slow cooked and served on a thick white roll. Huge donuts which are masterpieces of confectionary and baking; glazed with Christmas and topped quite literally with jelly beans. These smells infect you, make you walk faster.

Inside the market it’s a different atmosphere, the kind you can only possibly get around this time of year; people excited about being able to properly layer up:

long johns
double socking

Everyone is eating something new and tasty, the whole experience is absent for 10 months of the year so when it comes round like it finally has, it’s so important to join in. There is something there for anyone, carousels, pubs, restaurants, stalls selling mental things and just the chance to go out into the centre of a city late in the day and into the night and relax and be Christmassy with 200 likeminded people.

 The atmosphere is truly special, so for anyone lucky enough to be heading through Leeds or indeed living in Leeds at the moment, The Millennium Square German Markets should be your number one choice at the moment. 

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