Beat the January Blues!
13th January 2014
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The Christmas season is now over and 2014 has arrived so quickly.

A new term is about to start for students and it is the time to return to work. It cannot be the festive season all year around as much as we perhaps would like it to be.

Make yourself feel better and grab some bargains in the January sales with Leeds high street offering this on a huge scale; a chance to purchase something at an amazing price that you would not normally buy yourself. Or spend the vouchers or money you may have received at Christmas.

Set a New Years resolution, something that will keep you focused and something to strive for that you can say you have accomplished at the end of the year.

Always keep something in mind that you have to look forward to such as future summer holidays, big birthdays, family events and festivals.

If that seems like too long to wait then here's something to look forward to now. From the 24th January to the 23rd February, Millennium Square in Leeds will be reintroducing the annual ice skating rink, proving to be fun and in some cases a hilarious activity. The snowy experience does not end there, there will also be a snow slide and a snow simulator to enjoy.

January can be a very dull month for some after Christmas. Just give yourself something to look forward too even if it is Christmas 2014!

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