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Pets Chez Vous, Kettering

We were extremely pleased with the service they provided and would highly recommend them. David and Collette stayed at our house for two weeks to look after our Bichon Frise whilst we were on holiday in Spain. Prior to our holiday, they took the time to visit with us to fully understand our dog, her routine, and they made sure all the necessary arrangements were in place. Whilst we were away, they took her for two good walks a day and have managed to train her to walk properly on the lead and ‘heel’ which we never could, also they have an in-depth understanding of animals and have managed to teach her to be more obedient whist still having fun. When we were on holiday, they were kind enough to provide us with regular updates via email and sent us a couple of photos of our dog, which we appreciated as we missed her. When we got back our house was left in immaculate condition throughout, with bed clothes changed and washed etc A couple of weeks after we got back, they asked if they could come and see our dog for a few minutes as passing by and she absolutely loved to see them both.