The Jersey Tea Company
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Premium whole leaf teas organically grown, harvested and handcrafted on the island of Jersey.


The Jersey Tea Company embodies the mindful serenity of organic handcrafted loose leaf tea that has been nourished by the beauty of Jersey, an island enriched by the sea.

The Jersey Tea Company’s tea has marine and fruity notes reflecting the Jersey terroir. Their Green Tea flavour is smooth and complex with little astringency, and suitable for multiple infusions. Their Black Tea leaves have a sweet aroma and a rounded full flavour, with lovely rich after notes.

The Jersey Tea Company is dedicated to the growing, production and distribution of locally grown organic tea. With provenance at the heart of the business, their tea is grown using eco-friendly methods to encourage not only healthy plant growth, but also wildlife and bio-diversity.


Growing Tea and Bio-diversity

The Jersey Tea Company are organic, regenerative farmers whose practices are in synergy with the land and the sea. Their tea fields are maintained using eco-friendly methods to encourage not only healthy plant growth, but also wildlife and bio-diversity. Water conservation free of pesticides is a key initiative, as is leaving the edges of the fields un-manicured to act as pollinator patches for bees, butterflies and other insects. This tea is organically grown, using carefully selected organic fertilisers. 

The provenance of their product, the ethical and environmental growing practices, are very important considerations for The Jersey Tea Company.  The company founders are passionate about Jersey, its landscape and preserving green land for future generations and their tea is being grown at an organic farm in St Lawrence and at the former States nurseries site, Warwick Farm in St Helier. 

Artisanal harvesting 

The finest and freshest top two leaves with the bud are handpicked and handcrafted to make our whole leaf tea.  Each step of the artisan process maintains the quality of the leaves ensuring they remain unbroken which is essential for a smooth full-bodied flavour and to avoid a bitter tasting brew (sometimes associated with green teas). 


“The Jersey Tea Company was established by four friends (two families) who all had an interest in the health of our bodies and minds, and the health of the Jersey land. Terry (one of the partners) was listening to a Radio 4 programme about growing tea in the cold climates and from that started researching and experimenting with the possibility of tea in Jersey. It turns out it wasn't such a mad-capped idea! For me individually, I am a practicing Psychologist and The Jersey Tea Company is something very different from working in mental health services, and yet at the same time the growth and production of tea is still something very therapeutic in its own right. The whole process is very rewarding - starting with the nurturing of the plants to the drinking of the end product - a product that we know is grown ethically and has many health benefits. I also love how drinking tea is about taking time to stop and pause in an often very busy day!” Katherine Boucher 


Healthy Living and Wellbeing

The Jersey Tea Company was founded by four friends, Katherine and Terry Boucher, and Cardin and Michelle Pasturel - two Psychologists, one Chiropractor and a Compliance Officer - who champion the benefits of healthy living and the positive effects of drinking handcrafted whole leaf tea.

Green Tea has many health benefits. It is rich in polyphenols, including catechins and epigallocatechingallate, which are natural anti-oxidants. It is also a source of minerals. 

How to brew your perfect whole leaf tea:

Heat water to 80˚C for Green Tea and 98˚C for Black Tea

Pour 200ml of water on to 2g of tea leaves 

Steep for 3 minutes, decant and serve.

The leaves can be decanted and re-used 2 to 4 times depending on personal taste.

Please remember to mention thebestof Jersey when contacting The Jersey Tea Company.