Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
  • Les Augres Manor
    La Profonde Rue
    JE3 5BP
While these is no doubt that Durrell is one of Jersey's leading tourist attractions it is not a Zoo, the work of the Trust is to conserve endangered species and as well as enjoying a wonderful day out those who visit Durrell have the comfort in knowing that their support has contibuted to the continuation of Durrell's conservation efforts.

Durrell is what ALL zoos should be – a crucial part of the effort to save wild animals from extinction.

A tourist attraction with a purpose, where the price of admission helps conserve wild life.






 Located in the scenic Jersey parish of Trinity, the 32 acres of Les Augrès Manor provide the international headquarters of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

If you are on holiday in Jersey a visit to Durrell, one of Jersey's prime tourist attractions, is not to be missed.  You will find a day out at Durrell in Jersey will be a treat for all the family!

Wherever possible the animals live in specially landscaped, spacious enclosures which closely resemble their natural homes – that way they can be seen behaving just like they would in the wild.  At  Durrell's Jersey home you can take comfort that the animals are not on display for our enjoyment but are there to protect the long term future of their species.

A shopmobility scheme is operated at Durrell in Jersey.

To make your day complete Durrell has an on-site restaurant and shop.

In addition private hire conference facilities and private tours are also available.

Anyone visiting Jersey should make a point of visiting Durrell during their time on the island, not only is it an excellent tourist attraction but as a result of your visit you will help provide the funds that Durrell need to maintain their on-going effort to help "save rare species world wide"






 Durrell in Jersey is open every day except Christmas Day.


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