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For the last decade Contributor Capital has been one of the leading providers of funding solutions to businesses in the Channel islands.

Contributor Capital is a financial Services company that offers funding solutions to businesses in the Channel Islands. For the past decade and more they have supported businesses who did not want to, or struggled to, obtain funding via banks or loan companies.

Contributor Capital gets to know its clients' businesses personally, and specialise in assisting local entrepreneurs, with unique funding opportunities that are suited to their growing business needs.

Most new and many existing businesses struggle with cashflow challenges as they grow, so let Contributor Capital give your business an advantage over your rivals with no hassle short term funding cover.

Invoice Financing

If you have irregular cash flow issues then having a Draw Account at Contributor Capital will give your business the boost it needs, as and when you need it, to help smooth out financial turbulence. This is ideal for businesses which sometimes struggle to have enough capital for such purposes as wages, restocking inventory, commencing projects, or paying lump sums to suppliers, because you have not been paid by your own clients on time.

Having a Draw Account to cover those funding gaps is highly desirable and can turn a stressful period into just another working week.

Contributor Capital allows you to use your unpaid invoices from your own clients as security to release capital funds to your Draw Account as you need them. This smooths out your cash flow, letting you focus on what you do best, growing your business and making more money. Funds can be available the same day you request them and it's all done on-line via Contributor's bespoke and easy to use operating systems.

Business Overdraft

A business overdraft from Contributor Capital will give you the flexibility you need on a day to day basis. Maybe your business is growing but is not issuing enough invoices to generate the capital you need to further expand your profitability. Maybe unexpected bills are taking you by surprise when you are low on funds. Solve these short term cash flow issues with a Business Overdraft account.

Contributor Capital runs their business overdrafts just like a bank runs a traditional overdraft facility. Draw funds or pay them off as you need to, with no set up or management fees. There is just a single daily interest rate applied only to the overdraft amount and no other fees.

Always be prepared for the unexpected, even if you do not need to use the overdraft that often, as in business you cannot afford to miss opportunities because of cash flow issues.

Loan Account

For longer term growth and expansion Contributor Capital can offer their clients a traditional loan account for a pre-arranged amount. Whether you need to buy new equipment, vehicles, or pay for new premises, or a refurbishment to existing premises, or any other large capital expense, Contributor Capital is there for you.

Take the next step in your business evolution, or deal with a large unexpected cost, Contributor Capital can make sure that the funds are available to you at short notice exactly when you need them. Give yourself the financial flexibility you will need to survive in a modern business environment.

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