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If you need finance representatives or consultants in Jersey that you can trust, to provide you or your company with reliable financial advice and arrange loans, insurance or other financing, then come and speak to the local experts at Cherry Godfrey.


Cherry Godfrey was founded in Guernsey in March 1993 by husband and wife David and Selena Cherry, née Godfrey, as a Finance Representative and intermediary between Channel Island customers and other financial institutions. An immediate success story, Cherry Godfrey expanded in 1996, taking over the Guernsey finance wing of Great Universal Stores, later opening a Jersey branch in 2000 and the Isle of Man branch in 2016.

Cherry Godfrey has enjoyed continuous growth year on year, becoming one of the premier financial services companies in the Channel Islands, fulfilling their original mission of meeting all of the financial advice, loan and insurance needs of all of their Channel Island clients. Your trust and satisfaction, peace of mind and financial security are Cherry Godfrey's priorities when you become a customer.

By adding complementary financial products and services to their range of consumer finance and insurance products, Cherry Godfrey now offer a greater variety of financial products than most High Street banks at extremely attractive and competitive rates; these are bespoke, well-researched and value-for-money financial solutions that will suit clients' needs better than off-the-shelf offerings from a bank. Together with Cherry Godfrey's reputation for great customer service, many of these products even garner interest from UK clients.

Cherry Godfrey provides Loan, Mortgage, Insurance and other Financial solutions to clients mainly in Guernsey, Jersey or the Isle of Man. Their products and services include:


Cherry Godfrey should be your first stop - and a one-stop-shop - for all of your loan and financing needs. Whether you need a hire purchase plan to pay for a new car, the money for a holiday, a home improvement loan, leasing, premium or customer funding for your business, or maybe you need to amalgamate multiple loans and credit card debts into a single easy repayment plan - in all of these cases, and more, Cherry Godfrey can help.

For a wide range of both short term and long term loan arrangements, for both individuals and businesses, contact Cherry Godfrey with no obligation to discuss your situation and they can advise you and provide exactly the right loan for you.


As you would expect, Cherry Godfrey can also provide a wide range of mortgages to those wishing to buy property, including first time buyers.


Cherry Godfrey offers a wide range of insurance products including, but not limited to:

  • Motor Insurance
  • Breakdown Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Life Assurance
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • Pet Insurance

Financial Advice & Consultancy

Maybe you are not sure if you need any of the above products and services, but you know that your finances, or the finances for your business, are in a bit of a mess. You keep delaying sorting it out; as a result you are not sleeping well from the worry.

Come and talk to Cherry Godfrey and let them advise you on sorting out your financial issues; lift that burden from your shoulders with a plan to get you back on track, so that you can sleep easily at night.

Whether you just need one-off help now, or wish to engage Cherry Godfrey on a recurring basis as your financial consultant, they are only too happy to take your financial problems and turn them into solutions.

Great Customer Service

Cherry Godfrey rightly has a reputation for great customer service and will not waste your precious time - if you contact them by phone you will not be put through to a call centre and you will not have to deal with an automated switchboard, you will speak directly to the decision maker so that your issues can be resolved swiftly and to your satisfaction.

You do not even have to phone Cherry Godfrey, as you can get them to phone you by using the call back service on their website, here.


Visit Cherry Godfrey's website at for comprehensive details of all of their products and to make online applications or request a quote.


Cherry Godfrey Insurance Services Limited is licensed by The Guernsey Financial Services Commission to provide advice on insurance products.

Cherry Godfrey Insurance Services (Jersey) Limited is regulated by The Jersey Financial Services Commission in the carrying on of investment and general insurance mediation business.

Cherry Godfrey Finance (Isle of Man) Limited is registered with the Financial Services Authority under the Designated Business Act 2015 and licenced by the Office of Fair Trading under the Moneylenders Act 1991.

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